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Accelerate the sustainable development of stainless steel kitchenware industry with high quality


As one of the staple foods of our people, rice is our daily food. However, there are many brands of rice products in China. If manufacturers want to make their products stand out and attract consumers' attention, in addition to ensuring the quality of rice and the quality of rice packaging materials, they also make efforts to design rice packaging bags. The premise to judge the rice packaging bag is good quality, while meeting the safety needs of manufacturers and consumers. Generally speaking, a bag of rice is often transported to all parts of the country by various means after leaving the factory. This requires that on the basis of waterproof and moisture-proof, the design of rice packaging bags has good puncture resistance and can withstand certain pressure to ensure the safety of rice products during transportation. Here we will talk about "how to design and make beautiful rice bags".
At the same time, the needs of consumers should be fully considered when designing rice packaging bags. When designing rice product packaging bags, many packaging bag manufacturers are based on humanized plans. Many packaging bag manufacturers have designed settings on the sealing of rice packaging bags that are convenient for consumers to lift, so that consumers can easily pick it up when buying and picking up. In addition, for some consumers who do not often cook at home, many packaging bag manufacturers deliberately add a bottle cap opening design at the seal to deal with some consumers who do not often cook at home. After opening, consumers can effectively seal the rice packaging bag of "home grain" by twisting the bottle cap. It is not necessary to transfer the rice to the rice vat after opening, just like the traditional rice packaging bag, which is convenient and worry free.
Secondly, from the appearance, the design of the rice packaging bag has certain attraction. I believe that many consumers have this feeling when shopping, that is, they pursue the quality of products. If the packaging is exquisite, then they will have more preference for products. Therefore, many manufacturers have given full consideration to the design of the pattern on the rice packaging bag of "Home Grain". In terms of the overall color of the packaging bag, Lihua chose the same beige white as the product; At the same time, the design of transparent pattern of rice shape in the packaging bag allows consumers to know whether the quality of rice in the packaging bag is normal. Exquisite packaging bag design can improve consumers' desire to buy and bring good sales. Guangzhou Lihua chooses good materials, customizes high-quality rice packaging bags for target customers, professional art teams, and designs exclusive packaging shapes for free.

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