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What are the maintenance skills of commercial kitchen equipment?


1、 For the oven type kitchen equipment, because many food materials need to be baked every day, there will be oil stains and various wheat flour residues in the food materials, so it is necessary to check the connectivity of the equipment every day to avoid damaging the work efficiency. Scrubbing the surface of the oven often can prevent dirt from adhering to it and make it more comfortable to use.
2、 The most basic thing about stove equipment is to clean it every day. As the stove equipment is the most frequently used type, it will become dirtier and dirtier if it is not well maintained. Every night, check whether there is any damage or leakage of the shell. If there is, contact the manufacturer immediately for maintenance.
3、 For furnace raking equipment, remember to clean the steel plate every day, and check whether the cleaning tap of the plate raking is clean and keep it clean. Adjust the nozzle and ignition system of natural gas every half a month, and deal with hidden dangers in a timely manner.
4、 The frying furnace equipment must be emptied and cleaned every day, including the inner wall and its filter screen. Daily cleaning can prevent the filter screen and its oil outlet from blocking, causing the oil drain pipe unable to drain the oil.
5、 For the rice cooker, check the inner wall and baffle of the steaming car every day, and check the water inlet and its buoy device every half a month to prevent the equipment from failure and being unable to be used normally. In particular, the rice cooker cannot be burned empty, or the heating pipe will be damaged directly, and the manufacturer is not responsible for the warranty of such damage.
6、 The maintenance of the refrigerator freezer is very simple. Remember to defrost after the frost has accumulated to a certain level, about once a week. In addition, check the temperature control device of the refrigerator in time to see if the compressor can operate normally, so as not to affect the quality of food.
7、 The maintenance of cleaning and disinfection equipment, such as sink dishwasher and disinfection cupboard, is also the top priority. If the dishwasher cannot be cleaned in time, it will cause blockage. The actual effect of cleaning is affected.

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