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New development of commercial kitchen equipment enterprises


What is the function of food grade rice bag as a vacuum bag? How can the suture of food grade rice bag be removed quickly? The main functions of food grade rice bag vacuum bag:
1. Prevent the growth environment of microorganisms in a vacuum environment, avoid the pollution of the surrounding environment, reduce the oxidation rate of fat in many meat products, and inhibit the growth environment of enzyme microorganisms.
2. Food grade rice bag vacuum packaging bag can prevent food moisture transpiration, reduce water loss, and adhere to product quality.
3. Food grade rice bags are easy to make people have an intuitive sense of the product and increase their desire to buy.
There are many kinds of rice bag packaging materials with different functions. Therefore, only by understanding the packaging functions of various packaging materials and containers, can we select packaging materials that can not only protect the flavor and quality of food, but also reflect its commodity value and make the packaging cost reasonable according to the protection requirements of food packaging. For example, high-temperature sterilized food should be packaged with high-temperature resistant materials, and low-temperature refrigerated food should be packaged with low-temperature resistant materials.
Generally, food grade rice bags are three-dimensional packaging bags, which become commonly known as "rice bricks" after direct vacuum pumping. They are not only beautiful, but also convenient for transportation and storage. The size of three-dimensional vacuum packaging bags can also be determined according to the weight required by everyone. Common sizes are 20x10x8 and 15x86cm, which can be customized according to market demand.
How to quickly remove the food grade rice bag line from the rice bag? Here are the methods/steps:
1. Generally speaking, food grade rice bags are up to standard, so the packaging style is basically the same. First, place the front of the pocket under the normal visual conditions of the front facade.
2. After alignment, we will see the packing line on the top. Of course, there is a packaging line on the left, and only the tail of the packaging line on the right, so it is opened from the right.
3. This step is the core. On the right, you will see a disconnected thread end and a closed loop thread that will thread out of this ring (that is, from side to side).
4. At this time, pull the thread that passes through, and the thread will spread automatically.
5. It can be seen that it is very easy to open the package by pulling two lines on both sides of the package.
6. Continue to pull the two lines up to the end with a little effort. This process is relatively smooth, and there will be a smooth pleasure.
7. After the food grade rice bag is unpacked, many other similar bags can be unpacked in this way, such as soybean bags and other similar products packaged with thread.
It should be noted that the thread of food grade rice bags is usually the thread head at the upper right corner of the front, because as long as there is a thread head that breaks, if it is cut directly, it is not easy to remove it; If your line ends on the left, separate it from the left.
We are the manufacturer of food grade rice bags. If you want to know more about this, please contact us. We can introduce it to you from different aspects.


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