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How to distinguish between 201 # material and 304 # material of stainless steel kitchen equipment


Now let's talk about some common characteristics of plastic food grade rice bags
Plastic food grade rice bag is a tool that many people can often use. Its general characteristics are as follows:
1. Lightweight: This is a very important feature. According to the technical professional inspection, the relative density of plastic woven fabric is about 0.9-0.98 g/dm3. The common raw material of food grade rice bags is polypropylene. If the plastic food grade rice bags do not add filler, then its relative density is equivalent to the relative density of polypropylene, and the relative density of polypropylene is 0.9-0.91 g/dm3.
2. High splitting strength: The raw material of plastic food grade rice bag is a kind of raw material with high soft splitting strength, which is related to its molecular formula, crystal level, yarn splitting trend, etc., as well as the type of lifting agent. How to measure the strength of plastic food grade rice bag, which is larger than or close to the metal composite material.
3. Good abrasion resistance: the contradiction index between pure polyethylene plastic textiles is small, which is about 0.12. To some extent, the contradiction between plastic woven fabrics and other objects has the actual effect of moistening.
4. Good solvent corrosion resistance: plastic food grade rice bags have excellent corrosion resistance. Under normal conditions, food grade rice bags can be stored for a long time. When the temperature rises, xylene, banana water, etc. can solubilize it, fuming nitric acid, fuming nitric acid, halogens and other strong metal oxides can oxidize it in the air, and it has good corrosion resistance to strong acids and general alkalis.
5. Good electrical insulation: pure polypropylene textile is a good electrical insulation. Because it is not affected by moisture and will not be harmed by moisture in the air, the breakdown field strength is also high, and the relative dielectric constant is 2.2-2.6. Although the insulation performance of plastic woven fabric is good, this does not mean that it can be used as insulation material. In fact, food grade rice bags are not the bottom insulation layer.
6. Ring mirror resistance: At room temperature, plastic food grade rice bags will not be affected by water at all. According to the measurement data, its water absorption within 24 hours is less than 0.01%, and the water vapor penetration is also very low. However, at low temperatures, food grade rice bags simply crack due to brittleness, so we should pay attention to the indoor temperature when storing food grade rice bags, but it will not produce mildew.
Characteristics of Bagging Food Grade Plastic Rice with Vacuum Pump
The rice is packaged in plastic bags, which can reduce the O2 concentration in the storage packaging, inhibit the respiration of rice and the propagation of bacteria, avoid rice aging, mildew, worms, etc., and better maintain the quality of rice. At present, the vacuum value selected for rice vacuum packaging is generally between -0.07 and -0.09kPa. Because the vacuum value is relatively large, the packaged products tightly wrap rice, and the packaging bag is very easy to be punctured by millet, resulting in invalid vacuum packaging bag. The friction, collision and falling between bags in the circulation process can also easily lead to the bag breaking machine. Therefore, on the premise of fresh-keeping packaging of rice, it should be combined with the natural environment of commodity circulation, so as to achieve good results.

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