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New development of commercial kitchen equipment enterprises

After years of industry experience, the hotel kitchen equipment industry faces many challenges and also breeds opportunities, and 2017 is no exception. For hotel kitchen equipment enterprises, transformation and upgrading have become the trend. Enterprises must actively reverse the passive situation and find a new development path.


How to distinguish between 201 # material and 304 # material of stainless steel kitchen equipment

304 stainless steel kitchen equipment is one of the mainstream steel types widely used at present. Because of its obvious corrosion resistance, the kitchen equipment in high-end hotels and unit restaurants on the first floor is widely used, while 201 stainless steel is also the main raw material for commonly used stainless steel kitchen equipment. Because of its relatively poor corrosion resistance, 201 is widely used in different regions and its price is different. 201 is slightly lower than 304, In reality, it is often confused and replenished by some manufacturers to obtain improper benefits. Therefore, it is important to learn to distinguish and identify the materials of 201 # and 304 # stainless steel kitchen equipment.


Accelerate the sustainable development of stainless steel kitchenware industry with high quality

Among the stainless steel tableware sold in high-end department stores and supermarkets around the world, 35% to 45% are "newly made". New stainless steel kitchen utensils have formed a perfect industrial system and strong industrial cluster advantages.


What should be paid attention to when selecting kitchen equipment

In our life, kitchen equipment is indispensable for every family. In fact, for many restaurants, the equipment used in the kitchen is also an indispensable special tool for their operation


What are the kitchen equipment

The kitchen equipment can be divided into two categories according to their functions: storage equipment, which is used to store food and utensils. Type: refrigerator freezer, cold storage, freezer, dish cabinet, condiment cabinet, food cabinet, hanging cabinet, shelf, etc.


What is the hotel kitchen equipment and how to purchase it

Hotel kitchen equipment is a general term for hotel kitchen, cooking equipment and special tools. Hotel kitchen equipment engineering projects generally include cooking and heating equipment, production and processing equipment, disinfection and sterilization, cleaning of production and processing equipment, and food materials


What are the maintenance skills of commercial kitchen equipment?

For the oven type kitchen equipment, because many food materials need to be baked every day, there will be oil stains and residues of various wheat flour in the food materials. Therefore, the connectivity of the equipment must be checked every day to avoid damage and damage to work efficiency.


What are the commercial kitchen equipment?

There are mainly ten categories of commercial kitchen equipment: stove, pastry making equipment, cleaning and decontamination equipment, console equipment, storage equipment, thermal insulation equipment, refrigeration equipment, food processing equipment, kitchen smoke exhaust equipment, and other commercial kitchen equipment.


What are the kitchen equipment for commercial kitchens and large canteens?

Commercial kitchen equipment refers to large-scale kitchen equipment, which can be used in restaurants such as hotels, as well as canteens of various government agencies, universities, companies and construction sites.


Seven Kinds of Kitchen Space Design Skills

No matter where it is, the kitchen design needs to be paid special attention, so as to make food preparation a pleasant experience; Provide enough space for all necessary functions without unnecessary actions.



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