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Seven Kinds of Kitchen Space Design Skills


No matter where it is, the kitchen design needs to be paid special attention, so as to make food preparation a pleasant experience; Provide enough space for all necessary functions without unnecessary actions. The theory of "Golden Triangle" or "Kitchen Work Triangle" was put forward 100 years ago, but it is still used in the definition of layout and the organization of functions.
Basically, the three main elements of the kitchen should be located at each end of the triangle: the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove, each of which has the function of cleaning, storing, and cooking. According to its principle, the length of each side of the triangle must be 1.20-2.70 meters, and the perimeter must not be less than 3.96 meters or more than 8 meters.
Of course, it is not always possible to have the ideal size and proportion to achieve this type of kitchen, especially when we consider the increasingly simplified size of the contemporary environment. However, even in a small kitchen, there are many ways to improve the efficiency of daily operations. Here are some tips to increase kitchen space and efficiency.
1、 Investment cabinet
All kinds of utensils, groceries and accessories occupy the kitchen space and are indispensable for cooking. For example, portable appliances eventually take up valuable workspace space that can be used to handle food, even to place dishes and serve dishes. Therefore, plates, pans, plates, cutting boards and even electrical appliances should be stored in cabinets as much as possible. But in a compact space, it is important to make use of every available surface, corner, and door.

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