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Do you really choose kitchen accessories? 4 indispensable hardware, it is more practical to choose the right kitchen


Do you really choose kitchen accessories? 4 indispensable hardware, it is more practical to choose the right kitchen
When decorating, we all knew that the hardware accessories in the kitchen and bathroom must be bought well, because it determines the success or failure of our decoration. In order to save yourself from worry in the future, let's take a look at how to choose kitchen hardware accessories. Do you really choose kitchen accessories? Four essential hardware, the kitchen is more practical if you choose the right one.
water tank
The sink is the place with the highest frequency of use in the kitchen. It is used for washing meat, vegetables, pots and dishes, fruits, etc. However, in the process of use, there will be blockage and odor. This is mainly because we did not choose a good sink when decorating. When choosing a sink, you should look at the design of its water outlet, pipe diameter, odor bay, etc. In addition, we usually avoid pouring leftovers into the pipe when using.
2. Faucet
The faucet is also a commonly used faucet. Because of its use, it is easy to fade, rust and break. And there is no class difference when selecting. In fact, the kitchen, washbasin, bathtub and other different use characteristics should be purchased and installed separately.
For example, for the kitchen faucet, we should choose the product with long outlet pipe, which can control both cold and hot water, so that hot water can be used conveniently and quickly, especially in cold winter. Water is the spring of life, so we must pay attention to selecting environment-friendly materials and saving water.
3. Slide rail hinge
When decorating, people like to install a lot of cabinets to save space for future life. When choosing the cabinet, we often pay attention to the material, color and other issues of the cabinet, often ignoring the hinge and slide rail. If you do not select a good hinge, it will be difficult to open or make a hissing noise in the future. How to choose hinges? First of all, the most basic thing is that the switch should be smooth, smooth, silent, and have a long service life. If the sliding rail is used, it should also ensure that it slides smoothly and smoothly without jamming or breaking. If possible, you can choose expensive ones with good materials. In the case of handles, aluminum alloy products should also be selected, which have a long service life and do not fade or rust.

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