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What are the hardware accessories of the cabinet? Several Cleaning and Maintenance Methods for Hardware Fittings of Cupboards


In fact, kitchen hardware is a part of kitchen hardware, and kitchen hardware can refer to "What are kitchen hardware accessories?" Antirust maintenance of kitchen hardware pendants, cleaning method to remove oil stains ".
1、 Composition of cabinet hardware accessories
Cabinet hardware, including hinges, drawer slides, baseboards, pull baskets, steel, spotlights, hinges, faucets, water basins, slides, handles, dampers, and other cabinet hardware are commonly used in the kitchen.
Second, maintenance and cleaning skills of cabinets and hardware.
1. All hardware parts in the cabinet shall be kept clean, and the places with water stains shall be removed in time. The cabinet door hinges and drawer sliding channels shall be regularly oiled to ensure smooth opening and closing without rust. Try not to hang anything on the cabinet, especially heavy or wet. If the handle is a little loose, tighten it with a screwdriver.
2。 As far as the daily maintenance of cabinets is concerned, hardware accessories and washbasins are the focus of cleaning. These places are easy to nourish bacteria. Especially in summer, cabinets are more vulnerable to bacteria. Therefore, when washing the tableware, you should wash it by the way. There should be no dirt and water to ensure cleanliness.

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